2017 Press Release


Following the successful first annual event at the Carnegie Hall last year, the 2017 CAIPA once again chose to hold an annual commendation meeting in Carnegie, in addition to encouraging those who care. In addition to doctors and medical institutions serving the Asian community, it is also hoped that the mainstream society will recognize the responsibilities of the Asian physician community.

May 22, 2017, CAIPA” organized by the Asian Heritage Night ” events again at Carnegie Hall presents, in addition to the continuation of last year’s Asian rich cultural tone, the first time this year for those hard service Asians The doctors and medical institutions in the community have been commended.

Liu Jigao, President of the Association of Asian American Physicians: The main purpose of this evening party is to introduce to the mainstream society. I hope that everyone knows that Asians have a considerable contribution in New York. Especially in medical care, we can reach the highest level – China to the emergency room. The patient is 40% below the standard line, while the inpatients are reduced by more than 60%.

The drums of the rumbling voice express the determination of these doctors to serve the Asian community with the tradition of Chinese hard work and perseverance.

Chairman of the board of the Cypress House Community Service Center, Li Zongbao: Our community continues to grow up every year. Thanks to the doctors for making our community healthy.

This year, the Asian American Medical Association has established the Best Specialist Award and the Best Family Doctor Award. And many awards such as the Best Medical Institution Award.

Kenneth Gibbs, CEO of Maimonides Medical Center: One of the things that are important to us is to provide medical services that are adapted to the patient’s cultural background. CAIPA helps us provide translations and trains us to master the necessary skills to provide the right services to the community. 〞

2017 CAIPA Best Family Doctor Award winner Dr. Zhang Weijian: The activities tonight are very meaningful, especially to enhance the status of Chinese in the United States.  Zhang Chengchu, a Shanghai native who came to the United States in 1949, now has his own radiology clinic. CAIPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

2017 CAIPA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dr. Zhang Chengchu: I just want to say thank you, thank you, I didn’t expect them to give me this award.

He hopes that the government can provide enough support for both new and old immigrants to receive the necessary medical services.

Dr. Zhang Chengchu, winner of the 2017 CAIPA Lifetime Achievement Award: We hope to get financial support, solve language problems, and let the patients no longer fear the medical system here.

Wei Zongbao, who is interested in participating in the New York City Council, is seeing all the hard work. Doctors can gather at Carnegie and share their achievements. They are very happy and hope that society can face their contribution.

Reporter: If you take office in the city council one day, what kind of support do you want to give to the Chinese community like CAIPA?

Li Zongbao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Community Center of the Songs and Pines Community: I hope they know the Chinese community. The need is not just an accident. Because many people use a lot of power, like this doctor, use their own money, their own clinic, work until midnight. Serve the community 7 days a week, our community, the city government should be sure to give them resources and support them.

New Tang Dynasty reporters Li Lan and Han Rui New York report