2016 Press Release

Hosted by the Coalition of Asian-American Independent Practices Association (CAIPA), the largest independent practice association serving New York’s Asian-American communities and one of the most recognized IPAs in the region, this unique cultural event celebrates Asian Heritage month in May with a specific focus on health care.

Hundreds of leaders in the medical community will be in attendance to enjoy a multimedia celebration of the life of Hua Tuo, the inspirational ancient Chinese doctor who was one of the first true health care providers. A concert of traditional Chinese instruments, Korean drums, Western music, and video will connect attendees to Hua Tuo’s wisdom, innovation, and care.

Hua Tuo’s legacy continues in today’s doctor-patient relationship among Asian-Americans, influencing how care is delivered in these communities. The evening is also a tribute to all health care stakeholders, government, hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, health care providers, and family members, that work individually and collaboratively to provide the most comprehensive care to those in need.